About us

Fangio Auto opened in 2008 with the aim of bringing over twenty years of experience in automotive servicing and repairs to local car owners at an affordable price and with a personal touch.

Juan Manuel Fangio

Considered by many to be the greatest racing driver of all time, Juan Manuel Fangio is of course the inspiration behind the name of the workshop. An idol to car lovers around the world, he made the concept of competitive driving look easy and demonstrated the results to match. ‘El Maestro’, as he was known, thoroughly dominated the early days of Formula 1, winning five World Driver’s Championships in the first decade of the competition. Like Miguel, he was a master no matter the manufacturer, taking cars from Mercedes Benz, Maserati, Ferrari and Alfa Romeo to their competitive limits.

While the champion has inspired many enthusiasts over the years, the story goes one step further for the Agis family. Fangio paid regular visits to Miguel’s late grandfather in the city of Bahia Blanca back in Argentina. The family were regaled with personal stories concerning travelling the world and what it takes to be an expert in the field of automobiles first hand and directly inspired the passion for cars that now drives the work carried out every day at Fangio Auto.

Miguel Agis

Miguel Agis is the owner and head technician at Fangio and with more than two decades of experience working in the automotive industry, there are no car problems that he hasn’t seen and, more importantly, fixed over the years! Having worked on both the dealership and workshop sides of the business, he is the local authority on car repairs and is the driving force behind the passion and expertise that goes into every single completed project. A specialist in Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Mercedes , Hyundai, Nissan, Chrysler and Jeep vehicles, he is well versed in what it takes to get these cars running like new.

Miguel Agis

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